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How far is QMango Forest from Bangalore City?

Q Mango Forest Resort is around 40km from the city, however it will hardly take 45 minutes to reach via private transport, or you can take a bus to Ramnagara and auto facility is available from the town, or Train is also available from Majestic or Mysore road station

What is Q Mango Forest address?

Q Mango Forest address is Campground Hosakere Lakeside Ankanahalli Village, Limits, Karnataka 562138.

What is the theme of Q Mango Forest Resort Ramanagara?

Amidst Mangrove, Q Mango Forest is the best Adventure Resort for adventure seekers in Bangalore, with over 15+ adventure activities, including kayaking,zip-line,canoeing,cave exploration, rock climbing, swimming in natural lake, mud kabbadi, mud volleyball, and many more adventure ridden activites. Q Mango Forest is for adventure seekers, and friends who want a reunion, families who want to get together in a warm place

Is Q Mango Forest Hygienic?

Q Mango Forest is well sanitized, and hygienic. Every day resort is cleaned and sanitized two times a day, Q Mango Forest ensures the safety of its occupants very seriously, and regularly checks temperature of all its employees, and customers when they check-in to be safe from COVID-19 and any other viruses

How is the food in Q Mango Forest?

Food in Q Mango Forest is very delicious and at the same time very homely, in the clean kitchen, with freshly grown and organic vegetables from surrounding farmers in Ramanagara, you get to taste the best food cooked in most hygienic kitchen, with lively chef. While there is  Veg and Non Veg buffet for Lunch and Dinner, if you want some starters for your drinks, Q Mango Forest provides that as well

What stay is being offered in Q Mango Forest?

Q Mango Forest being the best adventure campsite near bangalore, provides comfortable camping tents, which have comfortable bedding,blanket and pillow inside, which adds up to the adventure of staying in a tent, stargazing at night, as it is away from concrete jungle and its light pollution, you can enjoy the adventure of staying in tent

Is Q Mango Forest safe for families?

Q Mango Forest is the Safest resort near bangalore for families, with guard dogs, trusted staff, and friendly cook, Q Mango Forest has been the go to spot for family reunions, get togethers, and sangeeths, and much more

What activities are offered in Corporate Outing in Q Mango Forest?

There are endless exciting exercises remembered for Q Mango resort so you have the best time away from the buzzing about of the city life.

Kayaking: Move across the water in a kayak and have some good times time with your friends and family. Utilize all your energy and solidarity to paddle through the water and make the most of your time while doing this water sport. You can either go alone in the event that you need to be quiet and appreciate the environmental factors or with a companion in the event that you need to have some good times.

Kayaking : Paddle a kayak on the lake with a solitary bladed oar and investigate this new sporting action with your companions. Respond to this call and energize your companions and yourself to take part in some genuinely tiring yet a great action.

Traveling : All the thrill seekers prepare to travel in the wonderful lavish green environmental factors circled by the slopes and mango plantations. Find and investigate as you set out for the journeying with your companions or family and start this experience.

Downpour Dance : Who doesn't cherish downpour dance? Prepare to move to the tunes of well known music and let your hearts sing to the drops of downpour. Appreciate and have a good time moving in the downpour shower and disregard all the pressure and work of your regular daily existence.

Rappelling : For all the experience sweethearts, plunge on an upward drop utilizing a rope. Rappelling is unquestionably going to give you butterflies in the stomach however it sure is a lifetime experience. An ideal opportunity to conquer your feelings of dread and have a go at something totally new and remarkable. Try not to pass up this pleasant chance while you are at Q Mango Forest Ramanagara.

Zip-lining : Do not botch this opportunity to take part in Zip-coating and experience something amazing and incredible. Travel of the slanted link by holding or being connected to the pulley. This experience is however delightful as the view around you and this may be something you couldn't imagine anything better than to strike off your list of must-dos.

Swimming in Natural Lake : All the swim darlings and water infants can plunge into the waterway and swim however long their heart wants. Appreciate the coolness of the water and stay there disregarding your concerns and strains. Your security is guaranteed with the existence coat you will be given, so ensure you put it on.

Team building Activities : The stay at Q Mango Forest Resort likewise offers various group building exercises and icebreakers so you can appreciate an agreeable stay here. These games incorporate tongue twisters, correspondence games, stepping stool climbing and different other group undertakings. Forager chase is likewise a great game remembered for these exercises wherein the visitors need to assemble every one of the things on the rundown. Conveying the ball, paddling the boat are other incredibly insane and fun games offering you a dazzling stay at the retreat. Likewise, there are games like 10 minutes and trust walk that test and impart trust in your accomplices and friends and family. Another movement is Queen of Shiva which is likewise fun.

Subject based exercises : The rundown doesn't end there. There are likewise some topic based exercises that unite the visitors offering a chance of a sensational stay. Games like Water Volleyball and Jumbo Cricket are accessible which likewise include some actual exercise hence dealing with your wellness alongside satisfaction. Human Football and Raft Building are different games that additionally unite in groups attempting to create something and have a pride. Aside from this Pyramid Building and Jungle Survival Theme based exercises are likewise accessible. The hotel totally deals with your commitment and diversion while you are here endeavoring to give you an extraordinary encounter.

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